Details  Period 

1.Founder of the school Rev.J.S Smith. At the time, only 17 students        joined  this  school.


02. The First Native Principal Miss.K.Mathiyaparanam

1934 - 1945

03. Ms.R.J.Mann got a principal ship and during  her period, the A/L  Arts stream was started.

1960 - 1974

04. Mrs.Canagamany Ratnasamy become the principal. during  her period, the A/L  Science stream was started in 1977.  And   the Dental  Clinic was laid out   (foundation stone)  for school children  around the area. In 1976 – 1981, during this  period  boys were also studying

1975 - 1978

05. Mrs.P.Rajendrasingam  got the principal ship.   She  started the A/L Union and Old Girl’s Association. Unfortunately the college  faced a lot of unwanted  problems and most of the buildings were  destroyed.  The  students studied  under the shade of trees in 1987. A/L  Commerce stream was started in 1985.  In 1990, Our school started to function at the permanent building  again.

1978 - 1993

06. Mrs.R.Kuddithamby was appointed as the principal.  Office Block        ( 120’ x 25’) was built in this period.

1993 – 26.04.10

07. Mrs.L.N.Josseph got the  principal ship.

26.04.2010 -13.11.2012

08. Mrs.G.Sethurajah has been appointed   as the principal. She faced a lot of unwanted problems for the Principal post. Urinal pit was       built  with the help of SDMG Fund.

19.11.2012 – 2014.06.15

09. Mrs.N.Chandrasegaram was appointed as a principal.  

2014.06.16 – 2014.07.25

10.  Again  Mrs.G.Sethurajah has been appointed   as the principal again.This period Main Hall Renovation. It was funded by Zonal Education Office (Project Names : MRC,NSBS) & OGA . Well- wisher donated  the Junior Band  instrument set. Main hall Curtin donated by  Mr.Puvanenthirarajah  (Rs. 99000/=). And  Main Hall Speaker Set &  Mic donated by 2005 Batch Old Students. On 8th of July 2016 under the project of  NSBS a building for Science, Maths & ICT Labouraties was laid the corner stone by Mr.S.Nanthakumar, Director  of Zonal Education Office. 

Technical stream was introduced on 9th of May 2017.  In this stream there are 4 students in Bio tech and 3 students in E-tech.

Miss.Arani Sivakumar of  Under 19 won the first place in Long jump event and she won the 3rd place and a bronze Medal  in National Level Long jump event with 5.26m distance.

Miss.Praveena Prabaharan from Grade 7 won the 1st place in Provincial Level  and 1st place in National Level and Miss.Habisha Amarasingam from Grade 8 won the 1st place in Provincial Level and Second place in National Handwriting (print) English Language and Drama Competition 2018.

On 21st of February 2019 A Smart Classroom was opened and handed over by the donor and a well-wisher Mr.Navaratnam Vanithasan.

Miss.Geethanjasali Raguram  who won the first place of Short story competition in the National Level Tamil day – 2019. 

The Primary students won the first place in National Level in Srilankan Carnatic Music Competition in 2019

2014.07.27 – 2019.11.18

11.  Mrs.Sriluxmy Subendiran  has been appointed as a responsibility of the principal. 2019.11.19-2020.08.09
12. Ms.R.Subramaniyakkurukkal  has been appointed as a principal. 2020.08.10 - upto  now