History of Uduppiddy Girls’ College


Our Uduppiddy Girls’ College is situated in the village,  Uduppiddy  in Vadamaradchy district in the Jaffna peninsula.  This college is incomparably has its own historical pride.  In addition to this it was the second girls’ college in Asia founded by the American missionaries.

On the 5th of July 1866 there was a special conference conducted by the American Missionaries in Vaddukkoddai and there, it was decided to put up a Girls’ school with hostel facilities in Uduppiddy.  Accordingly our school originated. To start with first the Missionaries came and resided in this school. 

On the 7th of May 1868 an American Missionary Rev.J.C.Smith and his wife started the Uduppiddy Girls’ Boarding School with seventeen girls.  Miss.Thowsend was the first principal.  She was the principal from 1868 to 1879.

Following Miss.Thowsend  Mrs.R.C.N.Snings from 1882 to 1891 took in charge of the school.  Then Mrs.Brown from 1895 – 1905 became the principal.  Later in 1905 our school joined with Uduvil Girls’ College and was functioning under the supervision of the principal of  Uduvil Gilrs College.  In 1908 – 1911 Mrs.Hitchcock was the principal.  Then Mrs.Uward became the principal and was working from 1912 – 1915.  Mrs.Houston followed Mrs.Uward.  The service of all the principals was commendable.  Finally Mrs.Miller took in charge of the school and she was the last American Missionary worked in this school.  

Then Miss.Mathai from Keralae in India came to Ceylon and served as the Principal.  Sri lanka was known as Ceylon then, all the missionaries worked very hard for the upliftment of Uduppiddy Girls’ Boarding school.  Since for the first fifty years of the school founded it reached its zenith because of the entire some service of the missionaries

Succeeding the foreigners, natives served as principals then One Miss.Kirubaimalar Mathiaparanam was the first native principal.  She was working from 1934 – 1945.

Following Miss.K.Mathiaparanam Miss.G.M.Lee Vanniyasingam became the principal.  Her period was from 1946 – 1959.  She was doing a flawless task and she worked untiringly to make   this a leading school.  On 3rd of Nov. 1954 Mr.G.Huntington Damon, Director of  Information Technology from United States of America laid the foundation stone for the Chemistry Lab.  She always advise the girls to be modest and humble.  During her period Miss.R.J.Mann  joined the school as a teacher and later she performed the duties of a deputy principal.

In 1960 Miss.R.J.Mann became the principal and she was working in this school till 1974.  Sports was introduced in school.  Miss.R.J.Mann felt that there should be a spacious play ground to conduct sports-meet.   H.S.C Arts started.  Miss.Sellakandu Veluppillai entered the Arts faculty.

Next Mrs.Canagamany Ratnasamy came the principal.  She worked in this school for a very short period.  (1975.01.01 – 1978.04.30)  She started the  A/L Science stream on 1977.  Mrs.K.Ratnasamy was one among those who wished to put up a dental clinic for the school children was inaugurated.  It was remarkable that from 1976   to 1981 boys were admitted to the primary classes.

Then came Mrs.Packialuxsumy Rajendrasingam as the principal.  Her period was from 1978 – 1993.  She was versatile and considered to be a principal with good personality.  From 1938 – 1950,   she was a student in this school.  From 1956 – 1963 she was an assistant teacher.  She was working under Miss.G.M.Lee Vanniyasingam, Miss.R.J.Mann and Mrs.K.Ratnasamy.  Then from 1964 – 1977 she was the deputy principal of the school.  Advance level union was organized by her to train the students to take the leadership.  In 1982 Miss.Kalaivani Kumarasamy and Miss.Kunaranee Ilampooranam were selected to the science faculty.  In 1985 Advance level commerce stream commenced, unfortunately our college had to face a great disaster in 1987 our college was thoroughly demolished owing to the political disturbances.  Professor A.Thurairajah, the vice chancellor of the Jaffna University, was the patron of  Uduppiddy Old Girls’ Association.  In 1990 our college   started to function in our own college premises.  Till then Mrs.P.Rajendrasingam endeavoured a lot.

From 1993 – 2010 Mrs.Ranjitham Kuddithamby was the principal.  Later in 2010 Mrs.R.Kuddithamby got a promotion and was attached to the Vadamaradchi Educational Zone.  When she was the principal of this school she did all her best to make the school lead further.  After the total calamity of the college in 1987, it flourished again in Mrs.R.Kuddithamby’s  period.  A new Chemistry Laboratory, Physics Laboratory and a Biology Laboratory were put up.  An administration block adjoining with a well-equipped library and an activity room were the achievements during her period.  It was a long and earnest desire of our former principal Mrs.P.Rajendrasingam to put up an auditorium in our school. 

In 2010 when Mrs.R.Kuddithamby joined the Zonal Education Department Mrs.L.N.Joseph became the principal.  She was working with Mrs.R.Kuddithamby as a Deputy Principal Mrs.L.N.Joseph was an amiable principal.  During her period, Swiss branch of the Old Girl’s association put up a new entrance to the college and it was opened.  A pavilion was put up in the college play ground by Sir Peter Kandiah from London.  He also donated a new transport for Uduppiddy Girls’ College and Uduppiddy American Mission College.  Mrs.L.N.Joseph’s faithful service ended on 2012.11.13.

On 2012.11.19 Mrs.G.Sethurajah has been appointed as a principal for the development of the College.  In the meantime Mrs.Navamany Chandrasegaram has been appointed as principal and worked only for forty one days (2014.06.16 – 2014.07.25).

Mrs.Gowry Sethurajah is now again  the principal and doing all her best for the prosperity of the college.  In her period Educational   performances and Physical resources has been improved in our school.  In this time (2014 – 2015) the Main Hall of this school was renovated with the collaboration of old Gils’ Association and  the Zonal Education Office, Vadamaradchy.  Main hall entrance was designed and built by OGA.  It cost  Rs.1200000/=.  As a result,  now the Hall looks like one of the well furnished college Halls in Vadamaradchy.  During this period   16 Computers were donated by the Switzerland branch OBA and Duplo machine was donated by Mr.Sinnathamby Kanapathippillai (swiss).  Microphone set with sound box was donated by G.C.E (A/L) 2005 batch girls and Curtain for the Main hall was donated by Mr.S.Puvanenthirarajah.    120’ x 20’ Cycle Park for students’ was made with the help of college SDC membership money 742935.00.  The electricity facilities were done by SDC for the primary section.  Primary students were encouraged by OGA to get Trilingual proficiency.  It was held on every Friday.  Curve walls from the entrance to the office on both sides were made to beautify the path.

On 8th of July 2016 under the project of  NSBS a building for Science, Maths & ICT Labouraties was laid the corner stone by Mr.S.Nanthakumar, Director  of Zonal Education Office.  A washroom set for teachers also  constructed during this period.

A Finger print machine was fixed to register the attendance of the Academic and  Non Academic staff on 3rd of February 2017.

Technical stream was introduced on 9th of May 2017.  In this stream there are 4 students in Bio tech and 3 students in E-tech.

On 8th June 2017 the foundation stone was laid by the Honourable Hon.M.K.Sivajilingam for the 20’ x 30’ “Chapel”.  The total cost of this construction  was 2.4 million.  For this construction Rs.1.1 million was donated by the Honourable M.K.Sivajilingam.  And also a long jump pit was established  by the sponership of Mr.Ganeswaran Velayutham, the founder member of “Sivan trust”.

A Smart classroom, which is 40’ x 20’ is going to be established by Mr.Navaratnam Vanithasan, a well-wisher, who is living in London  with the cost of construction is Rs.34.5 million.  On 6th of September 2018 his father Mr.Navaratnam laid the foundation stone of this building.

A Basket Ball court was established under the project of CBG by Our Honourable M.K.Sivajilingam Sir.  The cost of construction of this court was Rs. 1.2 million.  After finishing the beginning stage of works.  Honourable M.K.Sivajilingam Sir inaugurated the practice of the students in the court on 29th of November 2018.

On 29th of July 2015 Mr.Mayilan Kuddithamby donated Rs.500,000.00 as a fixed deposit on the memory of his late wife Mrs.Ranjitham pole Kuddithamby former Principal of our College.

Miss.Arani Sivakumar of  Under 19 won the first place in Long jump event and she won the 3rd place and a bronze Medal  in National Level Long jump event with 5.26m distance.  Which brought honour to our college.  And also she selected as the best Athletic of the provincial Level in 2016 with 846 points and a colours certificate.

On 2nd of January 2017 Mrs.Sriluxmy Subendiran (SLPS – III) assumed her duty on a Deputy principal and on that day Mr.Rasaiya Sutharshan (SLPS-III) assumed his duty as an Assistant Principal in our College.

Our school won the 3rd place of   District Level in preparing Best Annual Report competition of  G.C.E.(A/L) schools.

The “Chapel” for  Christians was opened and handed over to the usage of students by honourable Mr.M.K.Sivajilingam  The member of Northern Provincial Council on 5th  December 2017.

On 7th May 2018 A One day cover and a numerable stamp were published on The 150th year Anniversary of our College mother, by the Postal Department in Our College’s Rajendrasingam memorial Hall.

And also Miss.Babylingam Yannusalya was selected as a “Best Athlete of  North – 2018 ”

On 21st of February 2019 A Smart Classroom was opened and handed over by the donor and a well-wisher Mr.Navaratnam Vanithasan.

Miss.Praveena Prabaharan from Grade 7 won the 1st place in Provincial Level  and 1st place in National Level and Miss.Habisha Amarasingam from Grade 8 won the 1st place in Provincial Level and Second place in National Handwriting (print) English Language and Drama Competition 2018.

The Primary students won the first place in National Level in Srilankan Carnatic Music Competition in 2019.  These achievements add colours to our college mother.

In her period Mr.S.Sivalingam won the Best teacher award two times in 2017 & 2018.  And Mr.K.Manokaran won the best Teacher award in  2018.

Miss.Geethanjasali Raguram  who won the first place of Short story competition in the National Level Tamil day – 2019.

On 11th November 2019 Our Principal Mrs.Gowry Sethurajah donated Rs.100,000.00 as a Fixed deposit for a scholarship of the best performance in G.C.E.(A/L) Technical stream. And Mr.Navaratnam Vanithasan donated Rs.100,00.00 as a Fixed deposit of the memorial scholarship fund of his late father Mr.K.Navaratnam for the best performance in G.C.E(A/L) Arts stream.

Mrs.Gowry Sethurajah’s faithful service ended on 2019.11.18.  On 2019.11.19 Mrs.Sriluxmy Subendiran  has been appointed as a responsibility of the principal for the development of the College. 

On 2020.08.10 Ms.R.Subramaniyakkurukkal  has been appointed as a principal for the development of  the College.